Beloved is a ministry focusing on transforming the world through acts of love which represent God’s heart. We believe that transformation starts in the home and radiates out from there to bring change on a larger scale. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son …. many countries are screaming out to see this love realised in their own lives, the love that God presents in this statement! It is a walking of the word rather than the talking! Beloved is passionate about exhibiting this love to others through conferences for women, husbands and children, to random acts of kindness in the town to meet the community needs, to facilitating a programme to marry orphans back into the hertiage home where possible! Gods love is unconditional and we want to start to love people back to life not because it is good but because he did for us!

Beloved was initially set up to meet the need of those in the world who are looking for tools to step above their situation and realise their potential as the the solution. Beloved means most loved and our purpose is to reflect this to all we come in contact with. Our projects are embraced on the following criteria:

  • support placement of orphans back unto their family unit
  • family development
  • assessment and meeting the needs of a community
  • circumstantial transformation in the home, community and nation!

We are passionate about seeing nations step into the abundance the word says is readily available for us to access as children of God!

Partner with us as we step out to provide practical steps to help transform peoples lives through sacrifice and commitment!



Elizabeth loves the Word, is passionate about transforming people’s thinking so they see the reality of God’s abundance in their lives.

Elizabeth is an expressive and dynamic preacher who speaks about relevant issues in our lives. A wife, a sister, and mother of three, she has had to learn the tools to promote Godly principles in her relationships.

If you want a deeper and stronger relationships with Him, need to experience streams of living water flowing from within, see your family transformed through a new mindset. Don’t miss this!